Advanced Fellatio Techniques and Secrets

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Advanced Fellatio Techniques and Secrets

When I published Advanced Cunnilingus Techniques and Secrets, I included a
comment about perhaps doing a fellatio counterpart. Well, I've gotten quite a
few requests, and demands, that follow through, especially with the How to
Swallow without it Tasting Bad part. So, OK, here it is...
On the other hand, it was the number of unsolicited questions on the subject
that caused me to write Advanced Anal Sex Techniques, for those of you who want
to know about that subject.
There are two ways one could become expert enough at fellatio to write this
page: By being really good at it, or by having been subjected to the attentions
of people who were even better at it. Consider me the latter.
As I've said before, the best part of sex is giving pleasure to your partner.
But #2 on my personal list, behind going down on my lover, is being gone down
upon myself. And I've had a couple of partners who were mind-blowingly good at
this. I made a point of learning what it is they did, and how, as well as having
simply learned what felt best on me.
Basic Guidelines
First, everything here is a generalization.
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